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snow. please snow. please?

BBBrrrnnt ! i'm starting to hope that we don't have school tomorrow. I just need a break. atleast an early arrival. those are awesome.
We have a basketball game today. i didn't want to go at first, but now i do. Only because it's tuesday. So, i won't get home till like 6, eat, do some homework, and go to bed. it's going to be an early night. i'm beat. Last night, eric, steve, brian and i tried to come up with ideas, but it didn't work. We all just sat around watching Japanese cartoons and talking about really stupid things. Then Kirby ran up the stairs and I sat with him for like a half hour. Just laying on the rug.

I ate like a piggie last night. I had taco bell, cookies, english muffin, cranberry sauce, and a big pretzal. Im fat like whoa.

10 more days ! ! !! ! ! i'm excited !
dude, its like at the bottom of the mercury vile in here...
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