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yo yo yo. so back like three weeks ago, i asked Brett if him and kristen had sex everyday. we were talking about something, so it was relevant. So, Tj and i went to go pick up Bobby today, and Kristen and Brett were dropping off Sarah. so kristen smiles and she's like "amber, come here real quick." so i did. so, shes like did you ask brett if we had sex everyday and i was like oh yeah we were talking about it last week, he said no. so kristens like yeah we do. lol. we do it like all the time. before i go to work. and we started laughing. so then she was like i need your new cell phone number. so i gave it to her. we're gonna chill. right.
so, im MO mad at Thomas and Bret (little Bret) after school, he had a doctor apt. and i went straight down to the tech room. so i was hungry and i had a basketball game so i was going to get something and come back. so thomas and bret said they would come with me. so bret was like i need to stop at my house to get money. so we did, and we were there for like 15 minutes playing with his dog and stuff. so then i was like ok im leaving because i had promised C i would get him something. so there like "yeah i think im going to stay here in the warm" so i got mad and i was like "whatever" so i left and i walked ALL THE WAY TO TONY'S NY MYSELF IN THE COLD. but on the way back i was smart, i called pumpkin and he kept me company on the phone. we had an awsome conversation, then the end got bad like it always does. then he actually called me back after he got out of the doctor, and before the game started. it was perfect. i told him mr. van vliet was right in front of me, and i had just got down calling him sugar plum, and he thought i was talking to mr. van vliet, or both of them. he was like " i see how you are " so i started laughing and i was like you're rediculous. then i was like "alright i have to go to game is going to start" and he was like " oh just like that, ok, bye" so i was like I LOVE YOU ! and he was like i love you to. so it was actually a good ending to a good day.
my midterms were SO easy today. tomorrow i know they wont be. i have Italain, and Honors English with Palermo. the only thing im not comfortable with his the vocab in both classes. i suck.
so yeah its 10:19 p.m and i just woke up. so ill be awake ALL NIGHT LONG =/.
tomorrow will be excellent once it is over !
sorry i have to leave you Jenn =(.
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