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if it wasnt for the good souls life would not matter

yeah so i had a good night. Gary came to get me and Jenn at like 9:30. Then we went to go pick up Jimmy and Matt. We went tp the movie, got there in perfect timing. just as we walked in, the movie started. so we got out of the move around 12 and went to PJ's. Mr. Ruddy was there lol. I played ms. Packman, but i got to where near his score. so gary,Matt, and Jimmy started to play pool. Then Evalino walked in. He said he gave Rodger 4,000 dollars and i was like "how" and he was like "stealing cars" lol. i thought that was funny. we left around 1:45 and got back to jenns around 2:00. Her little sister and her three friends were still up. so like while im at the pool hall, Thomas writes me a message and he's like im about to come there if i can get there. and im like you're not going to like the people im with. so then he says so we'll just sit in the car. so im suppose to leave my friends to go and sit in a car with him? WRONG! so he gets mad because i wont sit in the car with him. and hes like i am so sorry i ever tried to make an attempt to see you. ill never do it again. and he proceeds to tell me that he doesnt ever want to talk to me again and that i should take his number out of my phone and he will do the same. so im like laughing because this is number one reason why i would never date him. 1. too immature. he doesnt ever want to talk to me again because i wont sit in a car with him? ok. then so be it. i wont try and talk to you. but then he was like thats not what i want so i said we would talk today.


yeah so my mom is all fucked up again on drugs. big surprise ! nothing good ever lasts for more then about 12 hours.
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